Beekeeping for your Edible Yard

To have an edible yard that’s producing a lot of food for you, you must have pollination happening. You must have honey bees, butterflies and humming birds to help spread the┬ápollens, but honey bees do the best job of it. Here’s a great series of videos on getting started with beekeeping.

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Starter Herbalist Kit

Herbal Kit

Learn about herbal plants while making your herbal remedies. This Herbalist Kit has all the herbs and supplies you need to get started.

The kit also comes with a CD-ROM full of helpful instructions on making your own home remedies. In addition, there's an herbalist's manual that introduces you to herbal medicine.


herbal wildcrafting kit


Wildcraft Board Game

Learn while you play with the Wildcraft board game.

This herbalist board game is fun for the whole family! Highly recommended by Edible Yard!